Science will tell you the truth through molecular biology, genetics, physics, chemistry, astronomy and all other branches of science. However, you should not forget that the absolute truth shall never be discovered, only small particles of it. Furthermore, with the development of the technology, robotics, computers and the instruments, the progress of science is inevitable.

It is a well-known fact that instrumentation progress faster than the science itself. It is easier to construct the instrument, rather than to actually find the right way of the wanted method. On this site, you will be able to read and to search interesting topics related to science and its progress.

In science, all segments are important – each little particle of one enormous gigantic universe, There cannot be one without another. Due to the development of computers, genetics experienced the biggest boom in understanding of the human genome. With the development of the mechanics and technology, humans are now able to search even more Universe than before, as to the development of the optics, which is mostly visible in all NASA’s photographs from the outer space – the Hubble telescope.

It is amazing, how the human brain succeeded in the great task of finding the God’s particle, also known as Higgs Boson, but failed in humanity. Moreover, because of that, humans are well aware of how much more there is to be done and to be realized, especially in the field of psychology and human brain. Nevertheless, the scientist will continue to search the answers and they will never stop looking for the truth. Hopefully, in this great pursuit, science will help humanity!