How DNA Affects Your Inherited Skin Condition

With the mention of DNA and Genetics, many questions have gone unanswered. One of such commonly asked question is whether genetics affects inherited skin conditions. Many people are aware of how traits such as hair color, eye color, muscle structure, and other features such as the nose’s shape are inherited but are not aware of skin mutations. Let’s find out the genetics behind skin health.

Does DNA Have an Effect on Skin Health?

DNA poses the most significant effect on our skin than any other product out there on the shelves. Studies are clear that our bodies have about 25,000 diverse genes, out of which 1,500 have an impact on our skin health. As such, every skin condition we experience has a relationship with our genetic makeup.

Genetic Skin Conditions

If your genetic makeup can impact how quickly or slowly the skin ages, then numerous skin problems are inheritable. Some of the commonly known include albinism, ichthyosis, neurofibromatosis, and epidermolysis. Nonetheless, one cannot have a gene for a disorder. The syndromes can only be as a result of gene mutation. Although they can be passed from parents or grandparents, there is no 100% guarantee of inheriting the disease.

What Increases the Chances for Skin Disorders?

Most of the skin disorders result from a combination of genetics and the environment. All that one’s family history does is increase the chances of getting the condition. Some of those environmental factors include excessive exposure to sunlight and having fair skin. Your surrounding environment plays a significant part in your mental health. Equipping your home with Royal Design beautiful kitchenware, pillows and tableware will boost your health.

Final Words

There is a huge relationship between genetics and inherited skin conditions. Therefore, it is helpful for individuals to always take personal care by undertaking DNA tests specific to skin health. Also, ensure good hygiene of your skin. This way, you will make positive changes to eliminate, reduce skin problems, and have a personalized skincare plan.