Is Liver Disease Hereditary?

A common misconception is that liver disease is only caused by alcohol, and as such, it is not hereditary. However, this is not the case, and there are some variants of liver disease that are affected by genetics. The most prevalent of these is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease which can be passed down through different generations. How exactly it is inherited is not known and is the subject of ongoing research.

Lifestyle vs. Genetics

Although it is undoubtedly the case that genetics can play a role in causing liver disease, more often than not, a person’s lifestyle has the most bearing on whether they develop a liver disorder. As mentioned before, alcohol abuse is a significant factor. Diet can also contribute to liver disease, particularly the consumption of iron-rich foods, high cholesterol products and refined sugars. Obesity is often noticed in patients with liver disorders, and many individuals are also known to already suffer from Type 2 diabetes.

Hope for the Future

Ongoing research is undoubtedly the key to solving the mysteries of liver disease, whether caused by genetics or lifestyle. A leading light in this field is, a highly renowned company that conducts trials into drug development and the biology of disease. They work in partnership with major pharmaceutical corporations to deliver solutions that will benefit patients for years to come. This leads to greater awareness of the roles played by DNA and genetics.

Key Players in Medical Research

Antaros Medical has become a key player in the field of medical research since its initial inception in 2014. Founded by four entrepreneurs with a common goal of helping mankind, their operations have expanded across two continents. The company now employs over 90 experts, each one contributing to the worthy cause of identifying factors in the spread of disease and how to treat it. They pride themselves on high quality, specific results delivered with precision and accuracy.

Stemming the Mortality Rates of Liver Disease

One of the critical areas that Antaros Medical focuses on is the development of drugs that can slow the effects of many illnesses, including liver disease. Trials are ongoing with encouraging results. Antaros publish numerous papers throughout the year with their latest findings. These publications are highly anticipated, and their exciting findings are discussed world wide. Of course, it is hoped that the eventual outcome will be a cure for liver disease.