Planta App: A Key Tool in the Study of Plant Genetics

When genetics are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is animals; humans in particular. However, plant genetics is also an equally important area of study. Plants are living things, and animals of all species interact with them almost on a daily basis. It is, therefore, important to understand plant genetics in order to run a sustainable ecosystem.

Before diving into the intricate details of plant DNA and genetics, any scientist needs to understand the general characteristics of the plants they are interested in. Information like the name of a plant, its species, natural habitat, and elements are key. The behavior of such a plant in different conditions should also be known.

To begin such a study, resources like books and internet articles can come in handy. Over and above that, there is now an app that can complement these and other resources in a very helpful way. The planta app is a tool that anyone looking to get an in-depth insight into plants will love.

Plant Identification and Understanding

The app from GetPlanta is endowed with various features that help in understanding plants. These features might not be necessarily practicable when using other resources. For instance, the Planta app has an identification feature that tells what plant you are looking at by just scanning it. Those who have studied genetics know that two plants may look almost identical, while in detail, they are quite different. The Planta app is as specific as identifying the particular genus of a plant. With the app, anyone who is looking to study plant DNA and genetics is able to get it right from the very first step.

Above identification, the Planta app offers tips on the care that certain plants need. When studying a plant species, a researcher will need to grow it and observe its behaviors and characteristics in different environments at different times. The app will offer tips on the type of care required, allowing the researcher an opportunity to swing variables and make deductions from the variations. The app also has a reminder feature, which can come in handy in ensuring anyone standing plant genetics follows a highly specific schedule.

A Key Research Tool

Getting into a research program can be difficult, especially without a specific point to begin. Traditionally, the library has been the safest starting point for any researcher. While the importance of literature remains undiluted, the availability of a key tool like the Planta app makes it even easier for researchers to set out. While the app does not have the finest details about a plant’s DNA and genetics, it can be a useful companion both at the start and throughout the course of the research journey. This is definitely a revolutionary step in the study of plant genetics.