The Basic Psychology (Part 2)

You Can Find Psychology All Around You

This field does not only exist in academia, research labs, mental offices and classrooms. Its principles can be noticed in everyday life and real-life situations. Just look at plasma-389438_960_720the television ads and internet marketing, which only want to persuade people to buy the products they actually don’t need or just don’t want to buy. However, somehow they end up buying those products and utilities because of the special psychological approach behind all the advertisements.

It Explores Both Theoretical and Real-Life Problems

Psychology is really a theoretical and applied subject and field of science. There are different approaches in psychology, which can be followed such as basic research and applied research. In basic research, researches focus on information related to human behavior and mind, whereas in applied research, psychologists solve real-life problems and situations.

There are Various Career Options for Psychologist

For every psychology major, there are many different and interesting careers and jobs, which they can choose. The career and a job position mostly depend on person’s education level and interest. That’s why it is important to gain the required training and licenses for the desired area. Interesting and possible career options for students are forensic, clinical, industrial-organizational and health psychology.

Psychologists Study Both Abnormal and Normal Behavior

People mostly assume that psychology study only abnormal behavior and sets diagnosis and treatment for it. However, that is not true, because it deals with normal behavior and normal mind as well.

Psychologist Want to Explain, Describe, Modify, Predict and Improve Human Behaviors

The four major and the most important goals of every psychologist and psychology in general are:

  • to describe all human thoughts and human behavior
  • to explain why that specific behaviors occur
  • to predict when, why and how will these behaviors occur again
  • to improve and modify human behaviors to better the individual and the society